March 02, 2009

The Newest Ward Widow

So, I decided now that Ben's been in there for a couple weeks, I would discuss his new calling in the Bishopric. He is responsible for coordinating Sacrament meetings, Single Adults, and the Young Women and Deacons. (There could be more, but that's all I know of). Timewise, he's really not gone that much more. In fact, I think he's home more during the week but gone longer on Sundays. I was worried I'd feel isolated from him because there's so much stuff he can't discuss with me. But, we've been able to talk about topics for sacrament meeting, and he's trying to get to know the youth better so I keep suggesting he teach seminary and he did once. That was nice. Ben also really likes the people he is serving with in the Bishopric, and I think he is relieved to not be handling welfare matters anymore. The biggest difference, and the hardest part for me, is that I don't have his help anymore at church on Sundays. Sadie just hit the age where she has a lot of restless energy and wants to get down and walk around. Some weeks she is an angel but other weeks she throws tantrums when she can't go walking and I have to leave the meeting. But even if Ben were sitting with us I'm not sure that would change things. So, all in all, it's actually turned out to be a good thing.


Lori said...

Just keep reminding yourself, "It could always be worse...I could be Lori Emery!" :)

Johnson Family said...

I know exactly what you're going through Alicia. I often feel discouraged and tired of spending most of church in the hallway. I don't know how I'm going to do it all this fall when I've got three to take care of while Bret is involved with his bishopric calling.
All I can say is that you will be blessed for your family's sacrifices and the support you give to Ben as he fulfills his calling. I've often felt that extra help when I've needed it.

michael & brittany said...

Hey it was good to see you Sunday, I was in a rush to grab the kids from Primary, I wish I could have met little Sadie! We took our family picture at the Training school up by the Temple in American Fork,Utah.Its a little outdated now we need a new one..ttly

Unknown said...

I didn't know Ben was in the Bishopric; how neat. I'm glad that has turned out to be an overall positive experience. But I can understand that it would be hard to have to sit alone with Sadie. Even if her behavior would be the same with Ben there, it's nice to have moral support, trade off, and just sit by your sweetie!

btw- thanks for the comment you left on my blog! I answered your questions on there, too :)