March 16, 2009

Sick of Being Sick!


Sadie came down with her 5th cold since Christmas! Ben and I also woke up with sore throats and achy bodies today. It is so hard to be sick while being a mom because there is zero time to slow down and let a body heal itself. Sadie doesn't feel good and can't breath so she is up two or three times a night and then I'm up at 5 am for Seminary (which by the way I still need to plan a lesson for tomorrow and the seminary supervisor is coming to class). What kills me is that almost every cold she's had comes two days after I've been asked to substitute in primary (which is becoming a common occurrence - hence, all the colds). With Ben being in the Bishopric he can't take her, so she is in primary with me and I can't get the kids to keep their hands off her. I'm positive she picks the colds up at church. Positive. So, at what point can I tell people 'no' without becoming a mean person? What I'm trying to say is that I am so, so, so tired of being sick and having a sick baby and husband to take care of. Before we have a chance to recover from one cold, another one is upon us, and Ben now jokes that he has emphysema which I'm starting to think is true. Ok, I'm done. Forgive my orneriness!

On a happy note, I made the most wonderful stuffed chicken breasts tonight. I put basil, Parmesan cheese, pine nuts, and roasted garlic in them. Yum! Ben is working late tonight, so I didn't have anyone to enjoy eating it with - but it was delicious, just the same!

On another happy note, Sadie and I met Ben at the park today for a picnic lunch. The weather was beautiful and we had a wonderful time. Here are some pictures from the day:

On an even happier note we had an extremely wonderful, relaxing Saturday. We sat by the pool, I read a book, took a was a lovely day! Oh, how I miss that day!!!

One more thing to share, I took Sadie on a walk Sunday night while Ben was at New Beginnings. When I got back to the house, Sadie had fallen asleep like this:

Overall, I now see more clearly, I don't have much to complain about. Life is really really great, even if some days are hard. Now I must stop procrastinating and plan my seminary lesson!


Lori said...

1) Don't let that Norman A. Patrick guy scare you one bit--he's all bark. 2) Sounds like you need someone to take you out to lunch...I'm game anytime and you can relax, Fisher has alreay had tonsillitis 3) It's better if no one is home to "enjoy" your cooking with you...then there's no one to complain about me and 4) Sadie looks so cute in her summery outfit.

Unknown said...

I can completely relate to your "orneriness," since we've been in the same boat as you. Ours comes from Jono being a schoolteacher & Keyan being in nursery. I was supposed to watch my sister-in-laws' kids for her this Thursday, but they are all getting over Strep... so I just flat out told her that there was no way & that I was sorry it wasn't going to work out. You just get to a certain point & I don't think you should feel bad at all! I also know someone who brings Purell with her to church and if any of the kids want to touch or hold her baby, they have to sanitize their hands first. Anyway!

I agree with Lori... Sadie is just SO adorable lounging by the pool. I just can't get over how cute she looks in that outfit and lil' flip flops! I'm glad you guys had such a relaxing time together... those days are the best.

ps- hope your seminary lesson goes well!

Alicia said...

Thanks for the reassurance. The lesson went semi-okay. At least it's over!

Lori, I'd LOVE to do lunch. Maybe Friday??? I've been dying for Chipotle and I think Ben's tired of it. Or there's a great Crispers in Safety Harbor that's by a pier and we always go for a walk afterward and look for fish. What do you think?

Joe said...

Sadie looks like Brinley Connell (excuse the spelling) in the picture with her legs folded.

Crystal and Jordan said...

sadie is so big and adorable....we are doing great. Danny hardly cries and eats like your a seminary teacher? and ben in bishopbrc? what ward are you in?

Kaelyn said...

I love that she fell asleep with her feet up like that! She looks so cute! She looks like she has a pretty fun personality! I finally started a blog, you should send me an email so I can invite you to mine. I hope you guys are doing well! email me at