February 25, 2009

Utah Trip

We made a last minute decision to go visit Ben's Mom over Valentine's weekend. We recently found out she has breast cancer and we wanted to spend some time with her before she started her chemotherapy. We had a fabulous time!!! It's probably my most favorite trip we've taken to Utah. Sadie was well behaved on the plane rides, we stayed healthy the whole trip (although we have all been sick since we've returned), we spent lots of time with family, we saw Julie 9 months pregnant, it was relaxing, and a lot of fun.

On Monday we all went tubing, even Sadie and Jadyn. I have video of us taking her down the hill but I'll have to post it later because I am having 'technical difficulties'. Here are a few pictures from the day:

The next day Kimmy, Christy, and I went snowshoeing up around Ben's house in Heber. It was a surprisingly fun day. I felt like a kid again, just out exploring. Actually, it kind of turned into a photo shoot - that's what happens when a bunch of Meyers get together. Here's some tokens from the day:

The day after that Kimmy and I went to snowboarding. I only fell once but it was a nose dive at full speed. For a moment I thought I was going to be paraplegic because I heard all the bones in my neck crack. I layed there for 5 seconds thinking, "Please don't be paralyzed, please don't be paralyzed"! Luckily, once I got up the nerves to try, my toes did move.

After snowboarding Kimmy and I went out to dinner at Costa Vida, which I love! Then we went for ice cream at the creamery. It was such a fun day. I've always regretted that I never had any overlapping time with Kimmy and Christy at college. This day was a little glimpse at how much fun we would have had. We probably would have spent all our time together and become socially awkward and introverted and lived lonely lives because we never would have dated, so maybe it's a good thing we're separated most of the time but we sure have fun when we are together.

We sure had a memorable trip and we were sad to see it end, especially knowing the rough times Cliffie will have over the next four months. Ben and Lane gave her a sweet blessing the last day we were there and we all feel inner peace about what lies ahead. It's great to have family to spend the fun times with and to help us through the hard times!


Joe said...

Nice post. I've been trying to post the video of Sadie walking at our place but I'm having "technical difficulties" also. Why does Jayden look so afraid in that picture of her and Sadie?

Raven said...

I just wanted to say how sad I am to hear of the battle Cliffie has ahead of her. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Ben said...
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Ben said...

To answer your question Joe... Jadyn was afraid of the funny lookin' fellow (Ben) taking her picture. Can you blame her?

Joe said...

Don't scare the kids Ben;)

Sorry I spelled Jadyn's name wrong. It will be so for Sadie in a few years to have so many cousins close to her age.

Unknown said...

1. What great photos. I know you guys had a lot of fun, not only from the pictures, but also because Kimmy hasn't been able to stop talking about it :)

2. I am so jealous that you went snowshoeing!

3. I am very glad you didn't get paralyzed.

4. Like Raven (and everyone else, I'm sure), Cliffie will be in our prayers. I hope that everything will go well with her treatments over the next few months.

Julie said...

What a great picture of Ben, Sadie, and Cliffie! It was great to see you.

Kimmy said...

guess what!? i was there last night! and now i know what that place is! it was fun. i ran into a fence and another girl got a concussion.

Alicia said...

How did the girl get a concussion?? Sounds like fun. I wish we could go again, we had a GREAT time, too!