October 13, 2008

Melt My Heart

Sadie had, what I think is, a HUGE milestone this past weekend. She may not know what it means, but after 8 and a half months of me mumbling, "Ma-ma-ma-ma" at her she is finally saying it back. That's right, Sadie is almost, kindof, without knowing it saying my name. I never imagined I'd be this excited about it but I feel like it is a huge accomplishment (as much for me as her). She has always been a chatterbox but it has gotten even worse lately. The only time she stops talking is when she's sleeping. Ben has Sadie trained that when he pats her mouth quickly she starts 'awwing' and she moves her pitch up and down and then laughs at herself.

She is really changing a lot lately. Luckily her hair is starting to grow. I still can't really do anything with it other than the 'spike' hairdo but at least I know there's hope for the future. Sadie also got her third tooth two weeks ago. Her top ones still have not poked through and I hope they won't for a while because she is SO unhappy when she's teething. Sadie has zero interest in crawling, she won't even lay on her belly. However, she is standing really well. I usually stand her up in her crib while I fold her laundry and she holds on unassisted for a couple minutes. She loves to stand! In fact, when I go to sit her down she'll lock her legs and refuse to sit on her bum. Maybe we should just skip all the effort of getting her to crawl and try to teach her to walk. Some people say that experts say (although I've never seen it printed) that kids that never crawl have developmental problems. But several people have told me they never crawled and they're all really smart. Should I be concerned?

She has a really funny, entertaining personality and she keeps me laughing all day. It's really funny to 'rough house' with her. For instance, when she's sitting up on my bed I'll push her over and she laughs and laughs! It sounds mean, I know, but she loves to play aggressively and be pushed over. I should probably give her more independent time but she is so entertaining that I could sit and play with her all day and not get too bored. Whether she's chasing the dog, chattering like she has some juicy gossip to tell me, or eating in the bathtub she always has a mischievous grin and is quick to giggle. This age is a lot of fun!


Lori said...

Well, first of all, now I know why she behaves the "aggressive" way she does around McKenzie. Second, I never crawled, and look at me! :)

Kimmy said...

exactly sister emery! ... ;)

alicia i am BEGGING you to please please please pleaaaaase put on a video of her doing any of that!! i have nothing else!

KT said...

She is SO stinkin' cute. Her smile just makes you want to smile.

Also, ask Sadie if she'll teach my Sadie how to do something interesting.

Joe said...

She better still know all these tricks when we come down for Christmas. I'm with Kimmy about posting pictures of all this stuff. I'd especially like to see her chasing Shadow.