October 29, 2008

Ben's Rayhawk

While watching the TB game on Monday night I made a bet with Ben, who was positive the Rays would lose, that he had to wear a 'Rayhawk' until the team lost. Well, as you probably know, the game was rain delayed, so my brave little Ben wore his new hairdo to work yesterday. It looked so funny! I wanted him to paint it blue but he said no way and I was too tired to go to the store to buy the stuff. He was so embarrassed by all the strange looks at work that he shaved if off this morning. I'm not happy about it, but at least I got one full day of him wearing his Ray Hawk. Good ole' Ben!


KT said...

Oh man! You should have called me, I've got blue fingerpaint in my garage. :-)

Unknown said...

That is so funny! It's nice catching up with you guys again after my extended absence from the blogging world!