October 28, 2008

Cool Cousin Kody

Ben's cousin, Kody, and his wife, Jenny, and their 13 month old daughter, Ashton, came to visit this past week. Kody loves to kite surf so we went down to Ft. DeSoto at the South end by the Skyway bridge and watched him surf. The wind was a little too light for him but he was out there for an hour or two. It was very entertaining to watch. He straps himself into a harness and connects a 12 foot kite to it and off he goes. I'm always concerned the wind is going to pick him up and not put him back down but he told me it wasn't that dangerous. I'm not sure I believe him, though.

After kite surfing we went to the nicer beach and I watched while they played in the water. Ashton went running for the water and dove right in. She must have been in there for 45 minutes or more and the water was freezing!!! Kody found sand dollars and sea urchins while snorkeling, and brought them to the shore to show Sadie and me.

The next day we met Ben's Aunt Nancy and Uncle Richard for lunch and then went Kayaking in the Hillsborough River. Mike and Sarah showed us this drop off spot where the alligators are plentiful. It makes me a little nervous, but I stayed on land with Sadie anyways. Ben and Kody disappeared for an hour and when they returned Ben was soaking wet. He had gotten out of his kayak in waist deep water to lift it over a log so they could keep going down a narrow part of the river. It probably wasn't the smartest thing in the world do to but I frankly forgave him.

Here is a picture of Sadie watching from shore. She loves to be outdoors and watched in wonder at the stunts of her cool cousin Kody.


Jennie said...

Hey guys - thanks so much for spending some time with us, letting us crash at your home, and showing us around. We had an AWESOME trip! We felt really bad you had to clean and return the kayaks on your own though... SORRY! Being with your family and beautiful Sadie was definitely a highlight of our trip! love, jennie

Alicia said...

Jennie, we had a great time, too. Don't worry about the kayaks!! It didn't take long at all and Sadie slept the whole time - piece of cake. We got Kody's 'present' in our front den. That was really thoughtful and unnecessary!

KT said...

That looks like it was so much fun! Kite surfing would be awesome...but hitting a building would not.

Joe said...

I cannot get over how cute that little Sadie is. More videos please.