December 18, 2011

Jax's Half Birthday

Guess who turned 18 months on Friday?  That's right.  Little Jaxie.  To those of you that are LDS you know that this is a big milestone because it means they can start attending nursery for the last two hours of church.  Yeah!  Hopefully he'll enjoy nursery.  Sadie never did. I was excited to give it a test run today but the kids woke up with runny noses. 

Sometimes I worry Jax doesn't get enough attention.  He's the least demanding and it seems like Sadie and McKay monopolize my time. He's always the last to get what he needs and he's kindof had to grow up quickly with McKay having come along a little sooner than planned.  So I thought this would be a good excuse to make him feel special and recognized.

Sadie and I made him a crown and had it ready for him to wear when he woke up:

Sadie wanted to wear a crown too so we made her one that said, "Big Sister of Half Birthday Boy."

For breakfast he had yummy cinnamon sugar steel cut oats.  He loved them.

I also let him open two Christmas presents - a bubble gun and bubble set.  He is a bubble fanatic and we spent a good hour outside blowing bubbles.  He was in bubbly heaven.
Sadie 'helped' him open one of the presents.

In the evening we took them to Jay B. Starkey's Christmas light display.  He loved it.  Well, mostly he loved the candy cane that Santa gave him. 

Hopefully he had a good half birthday.  He is such a wonderful little guy!  So Ben-like - calm, patient, loving, forgiving, happy, stable, easy going, and sweet.  I hope he knows how loved he is!!

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Johnson Family said...

Wow! 18 months already! Each child responds differently to nursery. Marissa and Derek walked right in, hardly looking back. I think it was harder on me to leave them than for them to join the ranks of nursery. Although we are still trying to get Tyler to be happy about nursery. He's been old enough to go to nursery for almost a year now, but still puts up a fight when I leave him. He's just a momma's boy though. I kind of like it :)