December 08, 2011

4 months

McKay just turned 4 months old.  The time has gone quickly.  I feel like he's always been with us, not like he's a recent addition.  

Guess how old Jax was when we got pregnant with McKay....4 months.  He looked like this:

This was Sadie at 4 months (well a couple weeks over):

I really believe McKay and Jax were meant to be close.  It's like they were a 2-for-1 special.  They're meant to be brothers.  I'm so happy they'll have each other. I'm so happy we have them.


Johnson Family said...

I love all these cute faces! It's amazing to see how similar each of the kids are and yet they have qualities that make them different too. You've got adorable children Alicia!

Ben said...

You sure make cute kids.

Ben said...

You take great pictures too.