November 22, 2011

Letter to Kimmy

I haven't had any time to write a post so I thought I'd copy my letter to Kimmy from this week.

To the best missionary in the whole world,

Ma and Pa came up to our ward to help me today. Boy was it great! Church was actually rejuvenating and enjoyable. We have several Spanish people in our ward that don't understand the language but come and bring their children every week. I admire them so much! They come to church because they know it's the right thing to do even though they don't necessarily get a lot out of it. Sometimes I feel like them - I come but I don't hear the message. I try to feel the spirit but mostly it's just stress but I know it's a passing phase and important for the kids.

Guess what. Next week is our primary program and Sadie has a part. I'm not sure if she'll deliver her lines or not but I'm SO excited. Mom and Dad are coming up for that, too. Yeah - I'l survive one more week :)

Sadie has had a major verbal explosion lately. She's talking up a storm and using complex speech. Some examples....
 - Jax fell down the other day and she looked at him and said, "Oh no Jaxie, are you okay?" He didn't respond, so she looked at me and said, "I assume that means yes."
 - She's always telling us how proud she is of us for things..."Oh Daddy, I'm so proud of you for making the light go green." "Oh Mommy, I'm so proud of you for feeding Jaxie lunch." I love it!
 - I asked her what she learned in primary today and she responded, "Oh I just love primary. I sure learned lots of wonderful things." that's a direct quote :)
 - When we're playing hide and seek she always says, "Come seek me mommy."
 - She often times calls me by first name...."Alicia, can I have some juice?" Or in her prayer tonight she said, "Thank you for Alicia and Daddy and Jax and McKay."
 - I can't think of more but she does like hundreds of the above things every day. I just can't remember all of them. If I wrote every thing down that shocks me I feel like I would be writing constantly. She's the greatest little kid. I love her to death (and beyond.)

Jax is getting super coordinated and he is the fastest little runner. He's sweet, yet tough. He is our perfect child, I think. Very well behaved, easy going, great at sharing, patient....just a great kid. He is so Ben's personality clone. He HATES it when I nurse McKay though. He often stands at the end of the bed and cries for the whole 15 minutes. It's dreadful. I hope it's a passing phase. I've tried lots of things to distract him - shows, snacks, toys. Sometimes something helps but nothing is a guarantee fixer. :(

McKay, oh McKay. If you could only know how wonderful he is. Oh, I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him! He is my everything. His smell, soft skin, cheesy's the most amazing, wonderful sensory experience to love a newborn. He's just so effortless to love and intoxicatingly beautiful and just oh so wonderful. I love that baby. He's the best little thing that's ever accidentally happened :)

Then there's Ben....practically perfect in every way. He's enjoying his kiddos and looking forward to having a little extra time with us this week due to the Thanksgiving holidays....sports, food, walks, talks, and naps. I can't wait!

God bless whoever thought up holidays! It makes life so much more enjoyable to have reasons to celebrate and breaks from every day life. Wahoo!

Bret and Shannon announced today that they're pregnant (due in June)! And Lane and Bekah are expecting a baby sometime around when Christy is due. Troy and Becky are due in January and they're thinking of naming their little boy Jace. Yeah for babies :) Hopefully Kurt and Des will have one soon, too. They'll be great parents!

Cricchio wants me to start running with her. I'm not sure I can do it though. Even when I was super fit I could never run far. We've gone twice and I can only make it like .25 or .5 miles. Pathetic, I know. I do want to lose this weight though and it seems like it would be a good way to do it.

McKay is waking so I best go feed him. Love, love, love you tons!

Peace be with you,


This little boy always has a book in his hand.  He has to take one wherever we go. 


Mary said...

Look how red Jax's hair is!!! Just like Ben's was!

Mary said...

Great post, Alicia, Kimmy will LOVE it!!! I loved it!!! And that picture of Jax reading the book with his hair looking really red, the look on his face is priceless!!!