November 14, 2011

Joy School Crush

I'm happy to report that Sadie is loving Joy School. We go every Wednesday and it is the highlight of her week. The two little boys that are also in the class have become her best friends. She talks about them all week and remembers them in her prayers at night.

Last week she and Emerson became slightly affectionate with each other. I wasn't there but Yvonne (Emerson's Mom) said that Sadie kept trying to hold his hand on their walk and Emerson was enjoying every moment of it.

Ben had a talk with Sadie about her behavior. The conversation went like this:

Ben: "Sadie, were you holding Emerson's hand?
Sadie: "Yes!"
Ben: "Sadie, you're too little to hold boys' hands, ok?"
Sadie: "But he's a cute little boy Daddy!"

Should we be worried?


Joe said...

That is too funny.

I'm sure I'd be nervous too if it were my child but it is not so I just think it is funny and adorable.

Is this our fault for Joseph and Sadie giving each other hugs?

Mary said...

So, so cute!!! Isn't life precious? when she has kids of her own she'll be telling them about her "friend Emmerson" when she was a little girl!

Johnson Family said...

They do look very comfortable together :) Good thing you don't have to worry about boy/girl relationships at this age. Maybe in about ten years though :)

Shelby said...