June 15, 2011

Lines for Ben

Dear Ben,

We're going to have a baby soon (but not soon enough).  Memories of Jax's birth are starting to resurface in my mind - the pain, agony, chaos, and uncertainty.  At the moment I would happily go through any necessary pain to have this baby out.  However, when the time actually comes to endure the pain I may need a few mental reminders to help me through.

Here are some lines that will probably help me in my hour of need:

  • "If you did this with pitocin and stuck on your side for three hours - you can make it through this."  
  • "Just an hour or two more and you won't be pregnant again. Think of how great it will be to sleep on your back, be free of aches and pains, and not have to use the bathroom every hour."  
  • "Just relax into it; don't tense up against it."
  • "You won't have to do this again for a long, long time - if ever."
  • "It's awful to be uncomfortable but think of how much easier the recovery will be."
  • "At least things are going smoothly and it doesn't look like you'll need a c-section, right?" (Let's hope all goes smoothly)

Other helpful topics to bring up to distract me:

  • Is it a boy or girl?
  • What should we name the baby? (Because I have a feeling we still won't have decided even at this point)
  • The expressions on Jax's and Sadie's faces when they first see their new sibling.


  • Don't forget to rock the bed with your foot.  That really helped last time.
  • If the nurses/doctors are pushy or ornery will you please deal with them and be assertive - I don't want to deal with them.
  • Please don't whistle, tap, or make any unnecessary noise - I'm very sensitive to extraneous noise.  Maybe we should pack some ear plugs?

My apologies in advance for any snippitiness I may send your way during labor and delivery.  Remember I love you very much and I'll be normal again soon (but not soon enough).

Your loving wife,


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Sharla said...

AGAIN, we are on the same page!! I just got done reading my account of my last delivery. So funny!