June 17, 2011

First Birthday

Jax turned the big 1 this past week.  He's been a delightful, happy little baby.  We've really enjoyed this past year!

The family came up to celebrate with us.  We had a pool/pizza party.  Fun times were had by all!

Grandma Meyers shown above holding Baby James

Joseph shown above doing a cannonball

Ben and Jax doing tricks in the pool

Ethan shown above with Mike enjoying playtime

The cake - decorated by my mom.

The toddlers shown above eyeing the cake.

We asked them, "How old is Jax?"

Everyone had a turn blowing out the candle.  The kids loved it!

Jax was a little uncertain about the cake at first.  He warmed-up quickly, though, and put on a good show for us.

Sadie enjoyed the cake, too!

We love you so, so, so much Jax!  Happy birthday little man!!!


Ben said...

Happy Birthday Jax. Love you man!

Johnson Family said...

It looks like Jax loved the taste of his cake!
How fun to have a pool party too. One of the advantages of having a summer birthday. Happy Birthday to Jax!