April 27, 2011

The Wedding

Christy Meyers is now officially Christy Haggard.  The happy couple seemed giddy and in love.  The week went quickly and was so chuck full of events that I barely had a chance to talk to Christy, but I was happy we were able to be there for the reception and sealing to support them.

Sadie and Jax dressed up and ready to go to the reception

They choose to have the reception on Friday night and the sealing on Saturday.  We arrived early to the reception for pictures.  It was a very cold evening (around 40 degrees - I think that's cold). The kids did great during pictures and Sadie, Ethan, and Baby Joseph loved playing together.

Joseph and Sadie are the best of little friends

My men-folk staying warm inside

The reception was simple and sweet.  They didn't have a receiving line but instead just mingled all night.  The only events during the reception were the two traditional dances (first dance and father-daughter/son-mother) and the cake cutting.

Joseph and Sadie did the cutest dance together during the reception which my sister-in-law caught on video but I can't seem to upload the video.  I'll share it later.

On Saturday, the day of the sealing, we had a brunch at 10AM and the sealing took place at 3:30PM.  The sealing was very nice and many tears were shed.  It was quite funny to watch my mom and Matt embrace afterwards.  I think there is a foot and a half height difference between them.  

After the sealing we took a few quick pictures and headed back to Heber.  It was cold and rainy and we were anxious to see the kids.  Natalie and my mother-in-law were kind enough to watch them the whole day.  

Anyways, it was a sweet experience and I'm happy to see Christy so happy.  I think her and Matt are very similar and make a wonderful couple.   


Natalie said...

Beautiful pictures, Alicia. I'm so happy for Christy. I'm so grateful she got married so your family could come visit! We miss you terribly. The house is so quiet and boring without you here now. We hope you had a smooth flight home. It was so so fun spending time with you. We don't get to see you often enough. Big hugs and kisses to you, Ben, and the kids. Love you!

Christy said...

Alicia, thank you for managing to get you and your family out here. I know it wasn't an easy task with the plane rides and late nights. It was a lot of fun to have everyone together, including all of the extended Meyers' relatives (Johnsons and Harts, Hales, and now the Haggards)!