April 18, 2011

Back At It

All around the world, at this very moment, little girls are scribbling names on little bits of paper dreaming of how exciting it will be to name their future children.  Little do they know the stress and difficulty they will experience when the time actually comes to make a decision.

Yes, we're back at it again - the baby naming business.  And, since we are choosing to keep the gender a surprise we need to decide on both a boy and a girl name.  So, here are some of the names one or both of us like right now.  Please share any opinions or suggestions you may have.

Will (short for William)                                    
Jake (short for Jacob)                                   
Max (can we have a Max and Jax?) 

Kate (short for Katherine which is my middle name)
Julia (call her Jules?)


Joe said...

If you don't let Sadie pick the name and we have to pick from the list above, I vote Kate and Will.

The only one you can't use is Jane because our next one might be Alice Jayne

Kimmy said...

Alice? Really Joe? Interesting.

well Alicia, I think its going to be a girl. thats all i really had to say.

Alicia said...

Kimmy, does that mean you don't like a single name?

Johnson Family said...

We've actually considered some of those names for our children. Marissa was going to be Grant Michael until we found out that she was going to be a girl. Then my brother used that same name for one of his boys. So we can no longer use it. So sad because it's one of my favorite boy names. We also thought Tyler could be a Reid. I also love the name Kate.
Your lists have a lot of nice names Alicia. I was surprised to see your boy list of names was longer than your girls. Our boys lists are always very, very short with a long list of girl names. It's so nice to have lots of choices that both of you agree on though.
Can't wait to see this new, little one at the end of the summer (in pictures of course).

Heather said...

I like William. We just found out our baby is a boy!! We are naming him William and will call him Will. :)

Joe said...

Check out this article for a few name ideas.