March 18, 2011


Sometimes Ben and I pause, look at each other, and one will say, "Jax is such a perfect baby."  He has his bad days and still wakes occasionally at night, but overall he's so easy going and a great baby.

This past week he hit his 9 month mark and it made me reflect about quickly this time has gone and how it has been so much easier than I expected. However, I have a feeling he'll be a hyper, active little toddler so I thought I should record what a perfect baby he's been to remind myself in future months of how fortunate I've been.  These are my thoughts on the little guy.

Jax is such a little man.
He's independent yet loves attention, 
enjoys toys but allows them to be stolen,
gets excited to be held yet wiggles to get down.

He hates baths but loves to get dirty,
enjoys interaction but allows Sadie to be the center of attention.
He's curious, observant, and playfully shy.

Jax is surprisingly vocal and loves to be sung to and rock/dance to the music.
His favorite song is "Baby Shark" and he's starting to do the actions.

Nicknames include: Tank, Little Man, Jaxamillion, and Brother.

Jax is tough and sturdy,
but gentle and loving.

His laugh is a deep roar, 
but his coos are sweet and soft.

He adores his sister and idolizes his dad.
His favorite activity is roughhousing at night with them.

His health record is fantastic -
two colds in 9 months and neither one bothered him.

However, his teething is another issue...
he's recently sprouted 4 teeth in 4 weeks.
It's been a long four week!

Jax has suprisingly blue eyes and a tinge of red in his hair.
His hair has fallen out three times in the last 9 months.
(Perhaps a sign of things to come?)

He's plenty pudgy yet plenty strong.
His body is stalky and wide.
So, so wide - his hips are bigger than Sadie's!

He has his dad's smile, cheeks, and personality.
He has his mom's eyes, nose, and appetite.

We're all quite smitten with this little guy!
He's a perfect fit for our family.

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