March 18, 2011

Christy Haggard

Christy is getting married, had you heard?

Christy and Matt shown above.

She is marrying Matt Haggard in the Provo temple on April 23rd.

Matt is from Provo he majored in electrical engineering (I think) and now he works on computers.  He is very tall - 6"5'.

He makes Christy very happy. That makes me happy.

The end.


Joe said...

How abnormally concise.

Want to know something funny? I saw the title of your post and thought the name looked slightly familiar but had no clue who you were talking about until I read down the page and saw the picture.

Jordan said...

congrats! Tim is getting married the same day in the Draper temple! Small world

Unknown said...

Christy and Matt, why don't you two fill in more information so the family gets to know Matt better!!! We are so happy for you both!!! And Matt, we can't wait to meet your family! Please tell them hello for us and that we're looking forward to meeting them.

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