February 22, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

We've had a cold couple of months but I think the worst is behind us now.  I'm not really a winter, cold-weather type of person.  I'd much rather be too warm than too cold.  And now, I can breath a sigh of relief and start enjoying my shorts, flip-flops, and the great outdoors again.

Almost every day last week we had highs in the upper 70s.  So, on Friday, (the high was 80), I packed up the kids and went to the beach.  It was so beautiful.  The water was still bitter cold but we had great fun playing in the sand, watching the seagulls, and soaking up the sun.  It felt so good.  So, so, so good!

Special thanks to Ben for:
1) Moving to Florida 
2) so I can sit on a beach in the middle of February
3) with his adorable two children 
4) while he works long hours
5) so we can eat yummy food and live in a safe house.
You're the best :) 


Heather said...

Ok...thats IT!!! I'm so sick of COLD Utah weather. What does Ben do for work? Does he know of anyone hiring a Smart indiviual named Kyle Johnson!! If Kyle found a decent paying job, he said he would move to FLORIDA!!! How does it sound? Kepp your ears and eyes out, B/C i'm ready to get out of here!!!

Kimmy said...

Oh, I know that beach too well. And it is so pretty! I sure do miss it much! and you :)