February 17, 2011

The Day of Love

Cards, candy, kisses, cookies....what's not to love? Even though I barely saw my "Valentine" on Valentine's day I still had a stellar time celebrating with the kids.

On Saturday we went to my parent's house and decorated sugar cookies - a fun family tradition that Julie has introduced us to.  Mike took the kids outside and my mom held Jax so I could decorate a few.

Hmm, I wonder whose little hand is in this picture?
I didn't actually decorate either of the two above but they were the only ones left to take pictures of. 
On Sunday Sadie delivered these cards with a sugar cookie to her friends at church.  She totally loved exchanging cards and cookies with her classmates!

After church I tried to take a pictures of the kids together.  This was the best I captured:

I tried, yet again, to get some pictures of the kids in cute Valentine's clothes.  Jax looked stunning in his purple shirt, but Sadie insisted on covering her purple shirt with a sweater.  At least it was cute and pink, though.  

This would have been a good one if Jax was looking.

What is so interesting on the floor guys?

Jax thought Sadie was trying to wrestle with him and he kept laughing.  He loves to be near her!

Sadie giving Jax a kiss on the cheek.  He fell over but was not injured.

This just makes me laugh! Jax looks how I felt at this point.
So, I sat Jax back up and took some pictures of just him.  He's always more than willing to smile for the camera!
Real men wear purple.


Ben said...

Keep a hold on that remote, Son. Once you give it up, you'll never get it back!

Mary and Joseph said...

Ben, I laughed my head off when I read your comment!!!!!!!!!

And Alicia, I LOVE looking at your blog and your pictures!!! It's priceless!!!!