March 26, 2010

While You Were Gone

Dear Ben,

While you were gone I did my best to stay busy. It was no substitute for your company, but this is what occupied my time:

I spray painted these things:

I made these things:

Sadie and I started our spring garden.  We have green beans, parsley, tomatoes, and peppers planted.  Remind me to water them, please.

And, I've been reading these interesting books:

Also, did I mention I put our house up for sale?  Hope you don't mind :)

Love you,



Lori said...

I LOVE, LOVE the red bag! Cute. Also, sure you don't want to rent a lovely home in Seminole???

Johnson Family said...

Did you really put your house up for sale? Where do you plan on moving to?
We're in that process right now. It's no fun and not easy trying to keep your house perfect with children around. Good luck to you!

Alicia said...

Yes, we really did put our house up for sale - signed the paper work last night! It's a pretty long-shot that it will sell, but we're going to at least try. We'd like to be closer to Ben's office, my parents, the beaches, and in a better school district. I agree, I'm paranoid now about keeping the house perfect. It's rather stressful, but probably a good exercise at keeping up with housework. Good luck selling your house!

Lori, thanks for liking my bag. And nothing would make me happier than living in your old house. It's so cute and close to the beach and it's perfect. Sadly, it's a little out of our price range and a little too far from Ben's office. IF ONLY!

Unknown said...

Way to be productive! Remember all the projects I had planned while Jono was out of town? Zero was the number I got done, because one was the number of ear infections I ended up with that week! Good luck selling your house. I hope the words "house" and "Florida" will be in my vocabulary in the next few years :)