May 18, 2009

Troy, Becky, and Jadyn

We have been blessed with visitors again! When people visit it gives us an excuse to play and check out the touristy sites around town. Our guests this time were Troy (Ben's oldest brother), Becky (his wife, our sister-in-in-law), and Jadyn (their 9 month-old daughter). A little about them: Troy is a physician's assistant and works for an orthopedic surgeon in Park City; Becky is a dental hygenist, native to Orem, worked as a bartender to put Troy through school, and is always happy; and Jadyn is the most independent, self-entertaining child I've ever met. It took Troy and Becky 9 years to get pregnant, so I think Jadyn is one special kid! Anyways, on to the fun....


Ben had to work but we had a great time at Clearwater beach. Kimmy came along, too. Jadyn liked the water but Sadie was scared of the roar of the waves. Hopefully she'll get more use to it as the summer goes on!
(Sadie and Jadyn shown getting into trouble in the pantry.
Look at Sadie's innocent face!)

That evening we attended enrichment (Ben had to speak). I'll be honest, it was a little long and boring at times but they had tons of helpful information about food storage, wheat recipes, how to cook with your food storage, square foot gardening, storing water, ect. I was happy I attended!


The boys went fishing while the girls (including Kimmy, Sarah and Ethan - well, Ethan is not a girl - anyways....) went to Lowry Park Zoo. The boys caught lots of really tiny fish and us girls had a fabulous time despite the heat and the unpleasant animal smells. We cooked up all 4 bites of fish for dinner that night and then we went for a dip in the pool. It was relaxing!


We headed to Tarpon Springs for pastries - this is quickly becoming a tradition! We also picked up a few mother's day presents and then we went down to the Homestead. Sarah and my mom made delicious Thai food and then we went for a walk on the beach that night. We battled with an angry condo owner, found a lost cell phone, and did a family pyramid. It was a fun night!

We are already planning the next involves Tarpon fishing and Disney World. Can't wait :)


Heather said...

Fun...when can I come visit and do the touristy sites? Its funny when you live there you don't do much. But when you move really miss all those fun things! Looks like you had a blast :)

Joe said...

How in the world did you get Sadie up on top of that three-person stack? Great pictures.