April 01, 2009

Kurt n' Des

Ben's brother, Kurt, and his wife, Desiree, came to visit this past weekend. They are the wild and adventurous type and we had lots of fun showing them around Florida.

You can't come to Florida and not visit the beach. And every one knows that Ft. DeSoto is our favorite beach around. Unfortunately, it was the windiest day I've ever seen. But we had fun watching the kite surfers and baking in the sun. We visited my parents house that night to pick up the kayaks and we had rocklettes for dinner. Rocklettes is something Mike and Sarah introduced us to. It's an indoor grill machine where we grill beef and chicken and veggies on top and there's a section below where you can melt Gouda cheese over potatoes. It's delicious and a lot of fun!

We went kayaking with alligators in Hillsborough River. There were dozens of alligators. We probably should not have gone this time of year because it's mating season and they're feeding a lot after the winter. There were just too many to keep my eye on and it made me nervous. At any given time there were two or three on the right and left banks of the river and usually a couple floating ahead of us and they would sink down in the water as we approached. I was terrified I would hit one with my ore. But we survived and fun was had by all.

(No we did not take Sadie kayaking.
We were only in a foot of water and it was for picture purposes only!)

Sunday we had a pleasant day at church and we had a get together at my parents in the evening. Ben's Aunt Nancy and Uncle Richard, who are serving a mission here, also joined us for dinner. We then had a nice walk on the beach and watched the sunset.

(Ben was pretending I was too heavy to lift, not a funny joke if you ask me!)

Monday morning we toured the model homes in our community - which is surprisingly fun. They are decorated pretty cute. We met Ben for lunch at BDs Mongolian Grill, and then we went to Tarpon Springs for pastries and souvenirs. Afterward I took them to the airport and it was sad to see them go. But the fun didn't stop there....Ben and I got to go golfing that night and we had a blast! Thanks to dad for the golfing coupon and thanks to mom for babysitting. I didn't play the last 4 or 5 holes because I was so frustrated, but even if I am awful, it was wonderful to laugh with Ben and drive the zippy little golf cart and lie about our score and watch the sun go down. Thanks to Kurt and Desiree for giving us a reason and an excuse to have fun!

(Mike, the name of this boat was St. Michael, so I took a picture of it for you.
Last time we went to Tarpon Springs I found one named after Joe)


Johnson Family said...

Looks like all of you had a lot of fun! You are so brave and adventurous to go kayaking with the alligators. I'm sure Bret would be interested in going sometime, but I won't let him. I'll admit I am not adventurous and that activity would scare me to death. I'm glad you had fun though.

Joe said...

Good updates on all the fun times. Makes me wish I didn't have a job and could just play all the time. That boat picture reminded me of when we rented that boat last summer. That was a lot of fun.

If Ben keeps working on his golf game I'm never going to be able to beat him.

Heather said...

FUN!!!! I'm so jealous of you being in Florida right now. It is STILL snowing in Utah and a little ridiculous if you ask me. Way to be brave with the alligators! haha. P.S. Remember when you hit me with a golf cart and almost killed me! haha and my dad got so mad at you :) Just a thought...hahahaha. Miss you!

Kimmy said...