April 08, 2009

Conference Weekend

Before and After Moments

(Before: Sadie shown above petting her beloved, Shadow, on Friday night)

(After: Sadie finally gives up after a hard day's work and cuddles with her duckie.)

(Before: Saturday morning session. Sadie and Ben shown having Binky wars.)

(After: Sadie puts Ben to sleep during the Saturday morning session.)

(Before: Patiently waiting to drive down to the homestead)

(During # 1: Sadie becomes jealous of Grandpa Joe holding cousin Ethan and demands to be held. She then steels glasses and offers them to photographer. Ethan shown here looking mellow.)

(During # 2: Sadie has an identity crisis and thinks she's a punk rocker. Ben shown looking calm and cute.)

(After: Sadie shown here being to tired to eat)

The End!


chante said...

Those are such great photos, Alicia. Don't ya love conference weekend? I can't get over how much hair Sadie has... she's such a cutie.

Johnson Family said...

Sadie is getting so big! Her hair is growing in so nice and long too. She seems to have changed a lot since we saw all of you at Thanksgiving.

Kimmy said...

THAT IS SOOOOOO FUNNY!!! I love the captions for each picture.You are so funny Alicia. I especially love the caption of dad holding Sadie and Ethan and i love love LOVE the picture of Sadie asleep on Ben's lap!!! THAT is adorable. She is SO BIG! What is she like in high school now??? Oh man! This is probably my favorite Post you have ever written. Nice work Johnson.

Joe said...

Great pictures. Best entertainment of the day!