July 08, 2012

The Week of July 4th

It was a busy, wonderful week.  

Monday we went to the pool with Cricchio.  Sadie loves to play with Andrew on the slides and kiddie area. Ben asks me how I manage with all three.  Well, Sadie is pretty independent and always wears a life vest, I hold McKay in my arms, and Jax doesn't like to get in the pool so he just sits on the side and puts his feet in.  Sometimes Jax wanders or runs and I need to chase him down, but he's pretty cooperate and cautious. I'm way too preoccupied to take pictures when I'm there by myself with all three so no pictures of that.  

Tuesday we went to the library in the morning and then in the afternoon we went with the whole family to the Glazer Children's Museum in Tampa.  Lots of fun!  It was packed, though. It was $2 Target Tuesday so there was a line a mile long to get in.  Sarah arrived an hour before us and waited in line and bought tickets for us.  She's great like that :)  Ben only had a half day that day so he was there too.  Yeah!

My mom has a new phone and is always snapping pictures of us now.

We played for a while in a field outside after the museum visit.  I think my kids liked this more than anything.

Wednesday was the 4th of July.  We had a pancake breakfast in the morning at church.  Sadie ate three pancakes and that was after I had already fed her at home.  She has a hollow leg lately.  In the evening we went with friends to Coachman Park in Clearwater for the Fireworks.  The past few years we've just watched the fireworks in our car because the loud sound scared the kids.  But I really wanted to go and see them in person this year.  I'm so happy we did.  They were spectacular!  The Florida Orchestra was there performing and the fireworks were synced to the music.  The kids had their ears covered the whole time but were so captivated and impressed by the display.  McKay kept pointing and smiling - he was totally mesmerized! Jax was so tired he fell asleep in Ben's arms during the finale.  We asked him on the drive home, "Jax were the fireworks scary or fun?"  He thought for a moment and said, "Nice fireworks!" 

From left to right: me, Gena, Nina, and KT.

The fireworks display is over the intercoastal waterway.  

Nina and I had on pretty much the same outfit so we took a picture.  

"The end!!!".....And we look over and Jax is asleep.

Thursday was my day to check things off my To-Do List.  I was able to get a few things done but I think I accomplished 10% of what I had planned to do.  The kids were content enough and a little independent.  They were happy to have a kick back day after having three pretty busy ones.  

A craft we made last week.

Sadie really gets into this craft type of stuff.  The head to the lion is missing,
Jax confessed he broke it but won't tell me where it is.

Friday Joseph, Joseph, James, Sarah, Ethan, Charlie, and my mom came over for a playdate.  Julie was in France and Spain this past week with her family touring her brother's mission areas - he was just released. Joseph was on daddy duty and asked if he could bring the kids up for some swimming and trampoline jumping.  We had a great time.  Again, I didn't take my camera to the pool but here a few of the ones I did take at the house.

Saturday Ben played with the kids in the morning so I could prepare my Sunday School lesson.  I'm teaching the 16 and 17 year olds now.  Then we went to the pool and switched off watching the kids so each of us could have a turn to exercise.  After that we took brief but wonderful naps and in the late afternoon I left the nest to photograph a wedding with Sarah.  

Ben and Sadie's creations. 

Sunday (today) poor little Jax woke up not feeling well.  He's thrown up twice and had a fever all day.  He's sad, sweet, and lifeless.  We've just held him all day. We'll probably end up holding him all night, too.  I guess that means I should head to bed...


Raven said...

Two things. First. You are looking amazing, Alicia! Trim and toned. Second, poor baby Jax. I hope he's better soon and that the rest of you stay healthy. Thinking of you, my sweet friend.

Ben said...

Thanks for doing such fun things with our kids, and for letting me join in the fun too. I loved the 4th this year and the children's museum was great too. As Sadie would say, "You're such a good mommy."