January 31, 2009

Learning to Walk

Sadie is trying to learn how to walk. She's a little ornery in this video because it was her nap time but you can see that she is getting better. Her problem is that she loves to fall into our arms at the end. We can't seem to teach her that walking and nose diving are not interrelated.


Kimmy said...


KT said...

She is walking!

VERY impressive, Sadie. Today you're walking, tomorrow you're sneaking out and stealing daddy's car. They grow up so fast.

chante said...

I can't believe how grown-up Sadie is! She is doing a FABULOUS job walking :)

Johnson Family said...

Congratulations to Sadie! She is walking so well. I was surprised she walked so far. What a big girl.
Welcome to the world of a walking baby. So long to those days of sitting through church or visiting with someone long enough to have a conversation. It is fun though and pretty soon she will learn to run and then that's all she'll do.

Christy said...

That is GREAT! She's got Meyers in her alright (because she is so good looking AND because she's trying to fly). Maybe she and Grammy and talk together about their hopes and dreams to be able to fly.
Really cute video clip Alicia. I've watched it a dozen times already. Love you!