December 12, 2008

I "Heart" Craigslist

So, I have to take a moment and tell you about how much I love Craigslist. For those of you who aren't familiar with Craiglist it is an online site for classified ads. People post 'wanted' ads, services available, things for sale, personal ads, lost and found, available jobs, ect. In the past couple months this is how Craigslist has blessed my life:

  • I've advertised for Sarah's photography business and she actually got a client from my post. Michael told me that they'll give me 10% of whatever Sarah makes off of any new business I can find her. So, I made a wopping $15 off the post, but it was quite rewarding to know that I helped get her business.
  • With the change of seasons and the constant growth of Sadie it was time to go shopping for new clothes. So, I thought I would check out what Craigslists had to offer. Well, I found a lot of over 200 pieces of clothing for $50. It had the cutest Ralph Lauren, Polo and Guess dresses. There were 10 different sets of pajamas, tons of play clothes, Baby Gap outfits, and the people threw in 5 different pairs of never/hardly worn shoes!
  • While looking for clothes of Sadie I stumbled across an ad for the same stroller we have. Well, Michael and Sarah were going to buy that one from Babies R Us, so I thought I would mention the ad to him. It costs $300 brand new and they got it for $140! The stroller is cleaner than ours and has barely been used. Not bad, huh?
  • Yesterday, I randomly decided to browse through the ads in Provo, Utah. My parents have been discussing buying a snowboard for Kimmy, but there aren't many snowboards for sale in Florida. So, I thought I would browse through the Athletic Equipment postings...well, don't you know I stumbled upon an ad for a beginners snowboard for someone 5''5' and size 8 boots (that happens to be Kimmy's size). The board has only been used 5 times! The price....(drum roll please)....$40! No, that is not a typo; I didn't leave off a zero. My Mom called up Troy and he drove right over to this girl's place (which happened to be in Wymount) and he bought the snowboard for us. I figured that saved my parents a couple hundred dollars.

So, I've never been one for second-hand stuff, but how can I pass up deals like this? Also, when I meet these people to make the purchases they are all really nice, respectable type 'folks'. So, if you want to save a little money and enjoy the hunt for a bargain - I would highly recommend checking out Craigslist.


Joe said...

Kimmy reads your blog a lot. It's not Christmas yet.

Alicia said...

She already knows she's getting it. We tried to get her to go over to try on the boots but she had class.

Is that your first ever comment Joe? You aren't a man of many words are you?

Unknown said...

lol- first i have to laugh at your sibling interaction :)

Second- i love Craigslist too (and KSL.. but that's a local one). We have found some sweet deals there. When it comes to kids stuff, though, you have got it made, Alicia. There is no such variety on Craigslist out here (hmmm... wonder why??) ... but I still browse the ads for the tampa bay area dreaming of all the cool (cheap!) stuff we can get once we move there!

Third- i wish we were spending Christmas in Florida this year. I miss you, Alicia!

Kimmy said...

Merry Christmas to me! Merry Christmas to me! Merry Christmas dear kimmmyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas tooooooooo Meeeeeeee!!!!

meyersmp said...

Kimmy, I'm surprised at you. Choosing class over a snowboard. Watch out, you'll be a responsible person before you know it and then you'll have to be friends with Joseph instead of me ;)