November 29, 2008

Baby Ethan

I'm a little late announcing it, but Mike and Sarah had their baby last week. They named him Ethan Pennington (Pennington is a family name). They had to stay in the hospital longer than desired due to his jaundice. They finally were released yesterday. Ethan is the sweetest little baby. So far he seems calm and content. It's really hard to tell who or what newborns will turn out to look like. We think he has Sarah's eyes and Mike's nose?!?! Time will tell. Mike and Sarah seem happy and content. Sarah especially has adjusted so easily to motherhood. Here are more pictures of Ethan.


Jonathan said...

Congratulations on being an aunt!!! Ethan is definitely a cutie. You Meyers really know how to have darling kiddos :)

Jonathan said...

whoooops, Alicia. I forgot Jono was signed in. My bad!! -chanté