September 23, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Moms have Trouble Losing Weight

10. If the kids eat every 2 hours, why can't we?
9. Grocery shopping is the only kind of shopping we get to do.
8. The kitchen is always only 10 steps away.
7. We watch Food Network all day.
6. Mealtime is the one time we don't feel guilty for sitting down and resting.
5. As much as we don't want it to be, eating is a form of stress relief.
4. Giada eats pasta all day and she's a size 0.
3. It sure seems like we'll use it up before it gets stored in our thighs.
2. It's a whole lot more fun to cook than it is to clean.
1. Um...that's all I can think of. Anybody have one to add? I'm plump out of ideas (yes, there is a pun intended)!


Unknown said...

That's hilarious, Alicia! Along the lines of #5... if Keyan gets an "owie," has to get shots, or is generally just having a rough day, I give him a treat to help him feel better. Sure seems like justification for when I'M the one having a rough day!!

As for other reasons (I'm not clever enough to make them funny)...

Exercise: I used to get up at 4:30 to hit the gym but now Keyan sleeps in our bed EVERY night and, oh my gosh, there went my good night's sleep (Don't ever ever let Sadie climb into bed with you! It seems cute at first, but you'll regret it!). So, we hit the streets with the stroller and go for walks. But what do you do when your child is screaming, "Out! Out!" after the first mile? I bring bribes, but we never make it longer than 3!

Lori said...

#1--Throwdowns with Bobby Flay...Last night, I baked chocolate chip cookies at 10:00pm because there was a throwdown on, and it was chocolate chip cookies, and no one, I mean, NO ONE can throw them down like me...No one challenges my chocolate chip cookies. So to convince myself that I was the winner, I baked the perfect choc chip cookies, and then because I didn't get my run in anyway, yesterday, I ATE FIVE of them!!! Yep, that's right, FIVE. They were mighty tasty!

Lori said...

And, yes, I am aware that 1. It's just a TV show (HELLO, REALITY tv) and 2. He wasn't actually calling ME out!! But I never back down from a challenge, real or implied.

KT said...

Except that you are tiny! Oh skinny Alicia, let's bake cookies at the next mommy and me playgroup. Seriously though...